A New IP Infrastructure for the AI era

Designed for culture. Starting with music.

We are witnessing the transformative moment for the creative industry. The rise of GenAI has led to an exponential increase in content and creators, calling for a new infrastructure to foster innovation.

This is why we are building Song Protocol, the creator-centric Layer 3 blockchain and a new IP infrastructure. Just as Ethereum serves as the open network for digital assets, Song Protocol aims to be the open network for culture. It’s designed to democratize collaboration and enable innovation for apps utilizing IP, all while making rights and royalty management more efficient.

Let’s venture together into the new world, shaping a new creator economy for the AI era.

A Value Network for the AI Creator Economy

We’re establishing a new ecosystem of value creation for the culture in the age of AI, underpinning a creator economy valued in billions.

Modular IP Management System

The Modular IP Management System, including IP registration, programmable licensing, and automatic royalty splits, ensures transparent and efficient control for creators.

Safeguarding Artists’ Rights in the AI Era

Automatic registration of all AI-generated IP to trace provenance, coupled with a smart contract-based licensing system to ensure authenticity and prevent infringement.

Facilitating Creator-Fan collaboration

Integrating with GenAI creation apps, we enable creators and fans to remix IP using artists’ official AI models. This generates new revenue streams through licensing and accelerates the production of derivative IPs, enhancing opportunities for increased royalties.

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